Benicia Clean Tech EXPO 2013
Where Business and Clean Technology Meet
Benicia Clock Tower, 1189 Washington St, Benicia
Friday October 18, 1PM-6PM and Saturday October 19 10AM-4PM

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Benicia Clean Tech Expo 2013
Sponsor: F3 Rapid Prototyping

Below we honor our Sponsor, F3 Rapid Prototyping.
F3 makes Clean Tech Expo possible and helps make the world a better place.
Read below to learn more, and please visit and give them your business!
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F3 & Associates - Rapid Prototyping

Main Office: 701 East H Street Benicia, CA 94510
with Offices in Irvine, CA and Petaluma, CA
Tel: 707.748.4300 Fax: 707.361.0295

3D Modeling

F3 provides modeling services to all industries with software including Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, and Rapidform. Any design can come to life with our dedicated team of modeling technicians. 

Reverse Engineering

With our FARO Edge Laser Scanner we excel at scanning any object and producing an as-built CAD model. Models contain feature trees and can be manipulated in Solidworks. Our non-contact approach allows us to work with the most sensitive materials.

With our FARO Edge Probe we are capable of producing reports for GD&T, Cross-Section Analysis, and Colormap Deviation.

Inspection Accuracy:

  • Probe - .005"
  • Scanner - .007"

Rapid Prototyping

Our industrial strength parts provide high detail at a low cost. High heat tolerances allow these prototypes to be used for thermal testing. Our materials include:

  • ABS: Typical industrial plastic with low cost and good durability.
  • Polycarbonate: High strength with superior mechanical properties.
  • Ultem 9085: High strength-to-weight ratio  and FST rating.

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