Benicia Clean Tech EXPO 2013
Where Business and Clean Technology Meet
Benicia Clock Tower, 1189 Washington St, Benicia
Friday October 18, 1PM-6PM and Saturday October 19 10AM-4PM

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Benicia Clean Tech Expo 2013
Sponsor: Dr. Nicci Nunes, Expo 2013 Innovation Center

Below we honor our Sponsor, Dr. Nicci Nunes, Director of the Expo 2013 Innovation Center.
Dr. Nunes brings her expertise and Makerspace creativity to help make Clean Tech Expo 2013 possible.
Her ongoing work helps make the world a better place.
Read below to learn more, and please visit and be in touch!
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Benicia Makerspace

Dr. Nicci Nunes, Expo Innovation Center


About Benicia Makerspace

Started in 2012, to inspire and empower people of all ages to turn ideas into reality with science, technology, engineering & art. It is a place where:

  • you can take a class to learn something new such as computer programming, making a robot, soldering, or building a stool.

  • you can get a group of friends together to build a robot and enter a robotics contest.

  • you can propose your own project and find the support, tools, mentors, and like-minded individuals to help you.

  • you can work on your science fair project with access to tools, equipment, and mentors.

  • failure and mistakes are exciting because it means you are trying, learning, and growing.

The possibilities are limitless....

About Maker Faire

Started in San Mateo, California in 2006, and now expanding to Detroit and New York, Maker Faire is the premier event for grassroots American innovation. Held annually in each of these locations, the event may expand elsewhere in the future. Maker Faire is supported by MAKE Magazine ( and OʼReilly Media, the premier information source for leading-edge computer technologies. The companyʼs books, conferences and web sites bring to light the knowledge of technology innovators. Community-driven, independently produced Mini Maker Faires inspired by Maker Faire are now being produced around the United States.

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